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DC Surge protection Device

DC Surge Arrestor SPD 3U1-40 2+1N/PE(3P) 20-40KA 1000V/DC

CM-UFD.M33 Grid feeding monitoring relay 3c/o,L-L= 0-550VAC,L-N=0-317VA

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The CM-UFD.M34M is a multi-functional grid feeding monitoring relay with a Modbus RTU communication interface that provides interface protection and is to be installed between a renewable energy system and the public grid.

This innovative relay guarantees grid stability and seeks to prevent blackouts. If the voltage or frequency magnitudes of the public grid are outside the permitted range, then the device changes status and acts to disconnect the renewable energy system from the public grid by sending a signal to a decoupling unit (e.g., a contactor, switch disconnector, or circuit breaker).

As soon as the grid is stable again, the system may automatically reconnect. The CM-UFD.M34M provides different monitoring functions, including over-/undervoltage and over-/underfrequency, as well as rate of change of frequency (RoCoF) and vector shift monitoring functions, which detect a loss of mains events.

This grid feed monitoring relay is certified in accordance with DEWA requirements and may be connected to the state-of-the-art cloud solution, ABB Ability Energy and Asset Manager.

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SKU MAS50021SVR560730R3402
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Manufacturer ABB


  1. Good product with lots features and function
    ABB grid relay is reliable product.


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