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How to find an electric shop near me

How to find an electric shop near me

How to find an electric shop near me


To find a quality electric shop near me, first of all, we should have an idea about an electric shop, an electric shop is an electrical store focused on selling different electrical supplies like cables, cable channels, electric sockets, outlets, plugs, lighting, circuit breakers, and other electrical devices (electric meters, junction boxes, fuse boxes, etc.) Apart from these, white goods like electrical appliances (washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.) are also available at an electric shop.

The significant difference between Electrical and Electronics is that electrical technology and electrical devices get used to produce or convert electrical energy and for energy storage. Electronic technology and electronic devices, on the other hand, deal with using this electrical energy to perform some tasks or operations. Thus electronic deals with the creation of various electronic equipment.

Electrical equipment is a device that operates on electrical energy. The fundamental principle of operation of these types of equipment is to convert electrical energy into other forms of energy. Electrical devices get often used to produce, convert and store electrical energy or electricity for industrial as well as commercial use.

Electronic types of equipment are devices that regulate electrical power in performing some tasks, and these devices have specifically structured circuit boards to perform certain operations through electric control and conversion. These devices generally do not produce electrical energy by themselves and thus rely on a constant flow of energy from some other sources.

To find a good electric shop near me there are many factors to check, which come along the way in finding a quality electric shop. A shop must undergo a rigorous investigation, and in addition, a quality electric shop should have state-of-the-art equipment and qualified electricians, the shop should score high with its customers, and the shop must conduct a CSI (customer satisfaction index) study.


A good electric shop attribute

Electric equipment working and performance depend upon the product quality, and a quality electric shop contains quality equipment. Electric types of equipment are available in all quality ranges, but a quality electric shop always gives you the equipment according to the price you pay. There are various attributes to judge an electric shop, and the process of examination is as follows.

Examination of Equipment

The process of electric equipment examination to understand the quality of the product is a bit complex, but by following these steps, one can recognize the protection, strength, and quality of the equipment. Make sure that the equipment is free from recognized risks and hazards. These essential points describe the equipment quality as follows.

  • Always consider reading the equipment labels to understand its suitability and operation limits.
  • Specific elements used as a conductor will assist you in understanding the equipment's mechanical and electric strength with durability.
  • Check insulation layers and quality.
  • Some equipment runs on the optimal level at specific temperature conditions.
  • Protection scheme for equipment and handler.


General characteristics of electric equipment

  • Quality electric equipment should run perfectly within described conditions,
  • It must have built-in overcurrent, short circuit, and over-voltage protection for any sudden issue.

Reliability is a crucial factor for the quality description of any electric equipment and should meet the following criteria in normal operating conditions.

Rated current ≥ Actual load current,

Rated voltage ≥ Working voltage of the equipment

Rated current is the maximum current a specific electrical equipment circuit can bear in operating conditions, and the higher the rated current higher the equipment quality.

Same as rate current, every electric equipment has rated voltage too, which should not exceed 15% and must remain close to rated voltage for equipment reliability and durability. Such conditions challenge an equipment’s protection scheme.

There are many uncertainties in the operation of electrical equipment. Electrical installations and circuits are subjected to the danger of faults leading to short-circuiting due to these reasons. Short-circuit leads to flow of very high magnitude of current known as short-circuit current.


Looking to lower your electric bill:

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Is the electrical business profitable?

Yes, with the rapid growth in technology, the electric industry can be easily considered one of the best business ideas in India. It is also a promising employment opportunity for electrical engineers. Our daily life is surrounded by many electric devices that assist us in daily life, and this rapid growth in the last two decades has increased the market for electric equipment to high levels. The electric store business or electrician services are highly profitable work to do.

Are electrical shops profitable?

Yes. Depending on your location and monthly sales average, you can earn a handsome profit of around 10%. Generally, people cover their investments in the business within 2-years of operation and tend to generate a steady cash flow with occasional profits. Like every other business, you will have to adopt the market change, learn advanced technology equipment, and understand the method of marketing and quality customer services.


The electric shop is a profitable business with a lot of competition in the market, and there are a few things that make a difference between them. This article is not just for consumers but for investors too who wish to manage or build an electric shop. It is crucial to understand that electric products are available in a wide range in the market in terms of quality, but a better electric shop offers the best product according to the given price. The detail of the electric equipment examination got defined above, and understanding these fundamental points can assist both consumers and investors. An electric shop is not just a simple store but a technician job who can understand and define any electric equipment to its consumer in simple terms. In Dubai, we provide a range of electric equipment at the perfect price.